Social Studies

Our goal is to prepare students to understand and respect differences and make connections with others. Our program provides students with research skills, knowledge of history and geography, understanding of the religious traditions of the world and that which unites them, and the ability to discuss and debate issues in a mutually respectful manner.

Staff - wpietroniro

Wendy Pietroniro

Sixth Grade Homeroom
MS English & Social Studies
XC & Track Coach

St Michael's College, BA
Bridgewater State, Ed. Cert.

As students progress through the grades, they move from “small” to “large” – from home and local community to state and nation and world.

In kindergarten through third grade, Social Studies activities are integrated with other subject areas, and led by the homeroom teacher. The younger students are guided in constructing a classroom community, where they learn about each other as individuals and members of families, and consider their relationships to the School as a whole, and other groups. Second graders begin to learn about the earliest settlers of the area, both Native American and Pilgrim. Third graders take a virtual "trip around the world" using a wide variety of resources.

Fourth graders focus on NH's history, culture and geography, and take field trips to a number of local sites; fifth graders are given an introduction to the history of the US through 1900. Sixth grade studies World Geography, seventh graders are introduced to early civilizations around the globe from prehistory through the Romans, and eighth grade studies Near Eastern and European history from the Greeks through the Middle Ages.