Our program encourages the development and application of skills to deal with real-life situations. We help students develop confidence and a positive disposition to use math, to explore, to experiment, to tackle problems, to ask questions, to propose and implement strategies, to take risks and to deal with failure. As students progress, they develop mathematical literacy and fluency; they learn to organize their thoughts and their work, to master complex procedures, and to present their work and explain their thinking.

Staff - kwilkinson

Kirsten Wilkinson

Math & Science Teacher
Alpine Skiing Coach

Cornell University, BA
Johns Hopkins Univ., MS
Plymouth State Univ., MAT Sci Ed

Students in grades K-4 use the Investigations in Number, Data and Space curriculum. This highly respected program, designed to engage students in making sense of mathematical ideas, takes a hands-on approach that encourages exploration, questioning and sharing.

Grades 5-8 use Envision Math 2.0, a complete curriculum designed to develop conceptual understanding, followed by procedural fluency and application, of core concepts that provide a pathway to algebra for all students. Important mathematical concepts are embedded in engaging problems explored individually or as a class, and supported with visual examples and personalized, differentiated online resources.