Teacher Institute on Experiential Learning

Sant Bani School ‒ 19 Ashram Road, Sanbornton NH

Friday, October 6th, 2017 ‒ 8:30am‒4:30pm

“How do we make lessons relevant through experiences and problem-based learning?”

Keynote on Experiential Learning

Workshop Choices:

  • Breathing Depth Into Your Curriculum by Teaching Outdoors
  • Using Adventure Education to Build Community with Your Students
  • Plots: Local Ecology Through the Seasons with Trash Classification
  • DRAWDOWN School Alliance to Help Reverse Global Warming
  • Making a “Viral Video” With Students
  • Film-Making Technology
  • Learning to Draw, Drawing to Learn
  • Using Inspiration in Nature to Strengthen Writing Skills
  • Plotting to Get Your Kids Beyond the Graph
  • Google Map Streetview
  • STEAMS (STEM, with Art and Service) Journey
  • Ceramics Workshop
  • GIS in the Classroom

Poster Presentations


  • $100 per person if registered by September 8th
  • $80 per person if school registers four or more participants
  • $125 per person for registration after September 8th
  • Vegetarian lunch included

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