Mission and Values

Sant Bani School is built on the belief that we have something to learn from everyone. Surrounded by nature, we create a diverse community where respect for all living things is central. Our mission is to provide a high-level, comprehensive educational experience while also recognizing the value of the spirit. With small classes, committed faculty, and an emphasis on collaboration and service to others, Sant Bani School teaches students to Be Good, Do Good, Be One.

We value:

  • an open, judgment-free environment that builds confidence and encourages curiosity and creativity
  • academic, social and emotional learning
  • collaboration and critical thinking
  • mutual respect, fairness and inclusiveness
  • service to others, connecting empathy and generosity of spirit with action
  • nature and the experience of being outdoors
  • quiet time, simplicity and reflection
  • expanding students' horizons and connecting with the world around us
  • having fun together

Core Principles

The following operating principles expressed by the spiritual teachers H.H. Kirpal Singh (1894-1974) and Sant Ajaib Singh (1926-1997) will be sustained in perpetuity by the school.

  • Understand and appreciate that every person is unique and, as such, that there is something to learn from everyone.
  • Pursue learning with the objective of being better able to help others. The school-wide service-learning program brings this principle to life.
  • Demonstrate kindness to and respect for all living things. The practice of requiring vegetarian meals during school and at school events reflects this principle on a daily basis.

Our Promise

We will be the leading PK to 8 grade school for student-centered preparation for secondary school and beyond.