More Info on Applying to K

The goal for the admission process in kindergarten is to ensure that the child is developmentally ready for school. We have found that children who are not five before entering kindergarten benefit by waiting a year. In order to be eligible for consideration, a candidate for kindergarten must turn 5 by September 15 of the school year they are applying for. Every child is unique, and an additional year may be suggested even for some children who meet this cutoff. All recommendations for placement are made with the best interest of the child in mind.

We look at a wide range of developmental indicators to assess whether a child is likely to be well-served by our program as they enter kindergarten. For students new to our program, we do this with a combination of playgroup observation, play-based assessment by our Educational Specialist, and considering the references provided. For students applying from Little Swans, we are able to use TS Gold assessment reporting in combination with teacher input.

A strong candidate for kindergarten at SBS demonstrates, or is developmentally on track to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Beginning to write own name
  • Draws simple shapes/pictures
  • Crosses the midline
  • Cuts with scissors
  • Bounces a ball
  • Has awareness of own body in relation to others and space
  • Manages bathroom needs
  • Working towards independence with dressing
  • Shows interest in letters and sounds
  • Beginning to count
  • Listens to stories
  • Speaks in complete sentences of five to six words; carries on a conversation
  • Looks at pictures and then tells stories
  • Shows ability to focus on an independent task
  • Pays attention for short periods of time to adult-directed tasks
  • Has the stamina to remain engaged throughout the day
  • Participates in imaginative and social play
  • Beginning to work successfully with a group
  • Beginning to share with others
  • Beginning to follow rules
  • Understands actions have both causes and effects