More Info on Applying to K

The goal for the admission process in kindergarten is to ensure that the child is developmentally ready for school. We have found that children who are not five before entering kindergarten benefit by waiting a year. In order to be eligible for consideration, a candidate for kindergarten must turn 5 by September 15 of the school year they are applying for. A recommendation to the parents as to the year of entry and proper placement is made based on personal and teacher recommendations and a Gesell Developmental Observation-Revised.

What is the Gesell Developmental Observation-Revised?

The Gesell Developmental Observation-Revised (GDO-R) gives an overall picture of the whole child's development, taking into consideration social, emotional, physical, cognitive and adaptive aspects. Because Sant Bani believes success in early childhood is made up of more than simply academic achievement, we have chosen to use the GDO-R as a tool for admissions assessment.

What happens during the Gesell Observation?

Your child will experience his or her Gesell Observation as a special visit with one of our teachers, Lynne Allen, who is trained and certified by the Gesell Institute. For 20 minutes, she will gently guide your child through a series of engaging conversations and experiences, to which there are no right or wrong responses. Children will draw, write and build with blocks.

What information are you trying to get from the Observation?

The GDO-R provides a qualitative, descriptive profile of your child's development, rather than a numerical or standardized raw score. In creating the profile of the child, Lynne considers her own observation of the child in concert with input from the child’s current teacher (provided on the teacher recommendation form) and the child’s parents and/or guardians (provided on the Parent and Student Information form). The profile helps the Admissions Committee make decisions that 1) benefit each child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth, and 2) create thriving classroom environments.

Can I be present during the Observation? Will you tell me how my child did?

The Observation is an opportunity for Lynne to get to know your child one-on-one. Parents are generally not present, but we will share a summary of the Observation with you in a followup letter.

When will the Gesell Observation happen?

Gesell Observations are typically scheduled in February for families who have applied by the first-round deadline. For those applying later, individual dates will be arranged.

How do I prepare my child for the Gesell Observation?

There is no special preparation needed for the Gesell Observation, though you can prepare your child for meeting with Lynne and spending a little time talking with her and doing some fun activities.