How to Apply

Welcome to Sant Bani School's admission process!

Staff - mfarkas

Megan Farkas

Assistant Dir. of Advancement

SBS Class of 1992
Williams College, BA

Preschool Admission

Thank you for your interest! Inquiries and applications for Little Swans Preschool can be initiated at their page. Applications received by March 15 will be considered in the first round, with rolling admissions after that date.

K-8 Admission

Choosing a new school for your child, whether they are about to start kindergarten or their current school isn't the best fit for them, is a process that involves both hope and anxiety. We understand! Thank you for considering Sant Bani as an option for your child; we look forward to working in partnership with you to discover whether SBS is a good fit.

To be considered in the first round for admission, please submit the required forms (linked below) to the Admission Office by February 1. Printed forms may be returned by mail; scans or images are also welcome by email, and recommenders may email a numbered list of responses. If you are homeschooling, please contact us for additional information.

You will also need to schedule a campus tour and student visit. Tours are limited to times students are not on campus; current availability is most Saturdays and the week of January 5-8, 2021, during remote learning. Due to the pandemic, student visits and kindergarten playgroups are on hold; we will have more information about the admission timeline available in January 2021.

If you have missed this deadline, we encourage you to apply as we continue to accept applications throughout the year. Applicants will be considered as their files become complete and if space is available.

If you have applied in the past and wish to be considered for any new openings, please be in touch with the Admission Office on how to keep your application current.


Please email or call us at 603-934-4240.

Completing Your Application for Grades K-8

The completed Admission File for grades K-8 includes:

Optional items:

  • Financial aid application (due February 15 for the first-round admission deadline)
  • Parent statement: parents are encouraged to write a statement as a way of sharing your understanding of your child’s talents and interests. Please discuss why you think Sant Bani School is a good fit for your child and any strengths, challenges or circumstances we should be aware of when considering your child’s application for our program.